What is Microfinance Importance-Frequently Asked Questions-Importance of Microfinance

Importance of Microfinance

Without microfinance, these groups may resort to high-interest credit loans or risky loans from acquaintances. Microfinance enables people to invest in their businesses and enhance their financial situation. Microfinance exclusively serves low-income individuals and small business owners. It also known as microcredit, aids those with low incomes or unemployment. “Microfinance” encompasses various forms of financial […]

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What are Microfinance Features-Frequently Asked Questions-Features of Microfinance

Features of Microfinance

Many microfinance groups offer a wide range of financial services, such as savings accounts, insurance, and direct money transfers. Main goal: Assist low-income individuals, especially rural women, in accessing financial services for business growth. Microfinance benefits people, small businesses, and entrepreneurs by offering no-minimum-balance savings accounts and reduced insurance fees. In this post, we’ll examine

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