What is Money Market Structure-Frequently Asked Questions-Structure of Money Market

Structure of Money Market

Traders actively exchange cash and short-term financial assets in the money market, a subset of the broader financial market. These financial assets and tools have terms of less than a year, which makes them very liquid. So, financial goods like commercial papers and Treasury bills are bought and sold on the money market. Continue reading

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What is Money Supply Control-Frequently Asked Questions-Control of Money Supply

Control of Money Supply

The Reserve Bank is the sole official entity authorize to print new money in a country. When private banks need more money to give out more loans, they can either borrow it from the central bank or get it from the open market. This article will go into control of money supply in detail and

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What are Money Supply Features-Frequently Asked Questions-Features of Money Supply

Features of Money Supply

The country’s Central Bank keeps track of how much money is in circulation at any given time. A country’s monetary policy can affect things like the prices of assets, inflation, exchange rates, and government programs. Check out these features of money supply to broaden your horizons. The “money supply” is the total amount of cash

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