How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling

How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling

He just finished writing six reviews, so if you are ready to put in the work, this is a good way to make a good amount of money. He even said that this method worked better than putting ad links in his YouTube videos, which was a pretty big claim. If you make great videos and are good at making content, this could be a great way to make money on Amazon without selling anything. Continue reading to become an expert on how to make money on amazon without selling and learn everything you should know about it.

People who look for the above goods on Amazon will find these videos. If someone reads a review and then buys the thing, the content provider can get a commission. Popular YouTube maker ChadEveryday made about $300 in his first month with the Amazon Video Review Program.

How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling

Amazon can help you make money for your business in a lot of different ways besides just selling. If you do enough study, it won’t be hard to come up with creative ways to make money that don’t involve selling anything. If you want to know how to make money on Amazon without selling anything, you’ll have to spend time and effort looking into the different options.

There are a lot of different ways to make money on Amazon. We did study on the best ways to make money on Amazon so we could save you time and tell you what we found. You don’t have to sell anything to use the strategies in this article, but if you do, you can get the most out of what Amazon has to give. Take a look at these how to make money on amazon without selling to expand your knowledge. To expand your perspectives on how to earn money from amazon subject, read more.

Amazon Affiliate

If you shop on Amazon a lot, you may already know about Amazon affiliates because you have heard of them or bought goods they suggested. These things are well-known for their high quality and wide popularity. Even though all it takes to finish the deal is a few clicks of the mouse. But have you ever considered that you could make money through Amazon’s partner program? The Amazon Affiliate Program makes it easy for your website to make money for you while you sleep. If you have an audience and a website, blog, group, or forum, you can make money through the Amazon Affiliate program. To make money, all you need is an audience. You only need to suggest Amazon goods that fit into a category that most of your readers are interested in.

Product Reviews

On Amazon, every seller has to leave reviews for the items they sell. A seller on Amazon must have a certain amount of real reviews for their products to show up at the top of search results. After you send in your profile and information, the vendor may get in touch with you if they think you can give honest reviews of their goods. You can talk to the seller by going to their Amazon page or writing them a direct message (DM) on Instagram. You can do either one of these things. Most sellers will give you a lot of money in exchange for your comments. Some sellers may offer to work with you for free in exchange for your reviews of their products, instead of paying you as they usually would.

Service Associates

Amazon is known as a company that cares a lot about how happy its customers are. Because of this, they have a skilled Customer Service team that can speak sixteen different languages and help people from more than 130 different countries. People who can’t work full-time can choose between regular and temporary jobs throughout the year. With choices like Job Type, Country/Region, State/Province, and City, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a job at Amazon Customer Service that fits your past experience and current interests. Representatives for Amazon’s customer service make an average of $16 per hour. Those who work in more specific areas, like giving technical help, can make up to $20 per hour.

Amazon Service

Even though 15–20% of Amazon’s total sales come from its services, customers prefer the company’s goods to its services. But people can be successful if they are willing to give up some of their money in exchange for more public attention. To join the Amazon Service, you don’t have to pay anything up front or on a regular basis. Your share of the money from finished projects will figure out using a proportional method that takes into account the type of service you gave. You can do many things, such as hiring, teaching, business, event planning, medical care, property maintenance, and so on. The Amazon Service is open to everyone, whether they are a one-person business or part of a larger company.


Install a free app like “Buy Me a Coffee,” which lets people who visit your website give small gifts. It is a piece of software that can be added to a blog and lets people donate different amounts. Users can take part in an economy based on a “pay-per-use” plan by paying for the media they use or giving extra money as a tip. You can put it on one page, every post, in the sidebar, or anywhere else you think is right! It doesn’t get in the way (but can still be seen) and gives blog guests a low-risk way to help pay for the blog’s upkeep.

Amazon Influencers

Amazon also has an affiliate scheme called Amazon Influencers. The “Amazon Affiliate” scheme we talked about before works differently than this one. Amazon Influencers use social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to push products, while Amazon Affiliates focus mostly on websites and blogs. Once Amazon has decided you are an influencer, they will give you a unique link to your own Amazon page. On this page, you’ll be able to show what you’ve told your social media fans to buy. After your fans click on one of your links, you can get a cut of any sales that come from those clicks. The hard part is figuring out which goods will get your audience’s attention.

Trading in

One of the easiest ways to make money on Amazon without selling anything is to trade another item for a gift card. You can get this card by trading either used or unused things, depending on how you feel. Anyone can take anything, including books, electronics, and a wide range of other things. You can find information about all of your choices on the Amazon Trade-in website. Users can trade gift cards for cash on Cardpool and other sites like it. You can also cover your costs by buying things from Amazon and paying for them with the gift card.

Survey Companies

There are also specialized survey companies that do market research on behalf of their clients. This kind of study might include surveys about a service, a software program, or a business. In addition to the cash win, the prizes always include Amazon gift cards as well. This means that you can make money even if you don’t sell on Amazon.

Earn Passively Online

Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think about ways to make money on Amazon without selling anything. Since the website advertises itself as a place where people can look for work online, it makes sense that it gives companies access to a pool of possible workers that can be quickly and easily expanded. Workers now have access to a global marketplace where they can post their resumes and bid on jobs whenever they want.

To make money, all you have to do is pick a task from one of the many online businesses out there and do it. The project’s breadth is the same as its size as a whole. Some examples are writing, transcribing, rating search engines, entering and manipulating data, and so on. It’s a clever website that lets people get paid by Amazon without having to sell anything. Considering how many people visit the website, the pay for these part-time jobs is more than enough.

Amazon Flex

Most of the items we place on Amazon are processed and shipped by Amazon. There’s a good chance that some of the Amazon delivery drivers you’ve seen in your neighborhood are Amazon shift drivers. All you need to get started with Amazon Flex and start making money is a car that cover. Those who want to join should go here. As an Amazon Flex driver, you can pick your own hours, decide which jobs to take, and make between $18 and $25 per hour. You also only take on jobs that interest you.


Advertisements are a good way for a website to make money without selling anything. If a lot of people check your website, the money you make from advertising could be very profitable. New bloggers often choose Google AdSense for its fame and high acceptance rate, despite occasional exceptions in the application process. AdSense was the first thing that caught my attention.

AdSense falls short in revenue, demanding valuable blog space with insufficient returns, posing a significant drawback for users. Use the ads on your website to make money. If I had to start all over, I might decide not to use any kind of ads. Before I joined the big ad networks, I would try to get at least 10,000 pageviews per month. Before you can apply to the best ones, you’ll need to get more hits, but the possible pay is worth it.

Amazon Vine

Every dollar saved is money made, which is a fact that can’t argue with. When there are pandemics, it is more important than ever to be very cheap. Through the Amazon Vine program, you can get free things from Amazon in exchange for your honest feedback on a variety of issues. But in order to use the Amazon Vine service, you need to invite by the company. You don’t have an invite to Amazon Vine, right? You could also find trusted Amazon rebate websites online, which could save you money. Customers can save money by using reward websites, and businesses can get new customers. I think this is a win-win situation for everyone involved.


How can I Make Money from Amazon at Home?

One of the easiest ways to make money from the company is to sign up as an Amazon affiliate seller. You must sign up for a partner marketing network in order to take part. After that, you can put a link to your goods on your website or blog, along with a description and price. You can also make money by giving feedback on goods you’ve recently bought. This will let other people who use Amazon find out more about the goods and possibly buy it as a result. In the same way, Amazon will pay you if you share videos you made to promote certain goods on your website or social network after they have been shared on Amazon. These are just a few of the many ways you can make money from home through Amazon right now.

Can you Really Make Money on Amazon?

Making money on Amazon is not as easy as it might seem at first. Before you even think about selling something, you should remember that this is not a normal store. If you want to be a successful seller, you need to learn how customers use Amazon’s search choices. If you want to be good at selling on Amazon, you need to know a lot about what people want. Discover customer preferences by exploring various methods, despite the challenge of predicting exact desires. Learn what resonates with them. Using a tool that suggests keywords is a simple approach that can put into action. With these tools, you can find out more about the goods you want to sell and how to market them well.

What’s the Easiest Way to Make Money on Amazon?

There are many ways to make money on Amazon, but by far the easiest is to become a partner. By promoting and linking to goods sold on and getting paid for it, users can become Amazon associates. Amazon partners are also called “Amazon affiliates.” Not every product has the same commission rate, but most fall between 2% and 8%. Amazon’s affiliate program works well because the company gives partners access to millions of different goods to promote.


If you follow the above steps, you can make money on Amazon in ways other than selling goods. You are the only person who can decide how much money you will make. Still, you should choose the one of the three options that fits your needs the best. Start a lucrative online business by becoming an Amazon Affiliate, earning thousands monthly for your website with ease. Understanding Amazon’s non-selling income is crucial for successful business strategies, shaping your approach to diverse entrepreneurial endeavors.

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