Money Plant Vastu

Money Plant Vastu

When it comes to indoor plants used for vastu, money plants are the most common type. You can find them in homes and offices. People believe that the money plant, which is scientifically named Epipremnum aureum, will bring them money and success at work. Devil’s ivy and golden pothos are two common names for this plant. Read on to discover everything there is to know about money plant vastu and to become a subject matter expert on it.

Vastu also says that the money plant is a lucky indoor plant because it brings its owners luck, wealth, and success. The money plant is now a lucky houseplant. It is up to you whether you keep it at your job or at home. According to Vastu Shastra, an old Indian practice, putting a few “lucky plants” around the house can help you make more money and feel less stressed. Before you bring a money plant into your home, you should think about these Vastu rules. For an in-depth analysis of the money plant tree, read more and gain valuable insights from it.

Money Plant Vastu

Some people think that sleeping next to a money plant will make them feel better and give them more energy. Besides that, it helps you relax at the end of a tough day. When growing money plants in the bedroom, make sure there is at least 5 feet of space between them and the bed. It’s easy to take care of and maintain money plants. Besides that, they do best in damp places like the bathroom. According to Vastu, putting a money tree in the bathroom is not thought to be bad luck. Cleaning the bathroom will be easy if there is enough natural light coming in through windows or skylights. To learn more, think about reading these money plant vastu.

Guidelines for Avoiding

Better Vastu recommends positioning the money plant in the correct location. According to some beliefs, putting plants on walls that face north or east or in the northeast corner is bad and could lead to problems like health problems, money problems, or arguments. Because they are rivals in the northeast, Jupiter and Venus don’t get along, and both could lose.

Water it Often

Money plants that have died or wilted will only give you trouble and no longer bring in money. When we say “bad luck,” we mean we don’t have enough money. Take care to keep the plant’s leaves wet and stop it from drying out. The plant shouldn’t touch the ground under any circumstances. You can cut back roots or leaves that are getting dry, but you should still give it general care.

Money Plant’s Direction in Vastu 

According to Vastu, it is very important to know the right way to store money. When you put money plants in the north, east, or northeast, you should try to avoid doing so. Doing so can lead to money problems, arguments, and even health issues. In times when Venus and Jupiter are not getting along, bad things are likely to happen in the northeast.


Based on Vastu, it is fine to have a money plant in the bathroom because these plants do well in damp places and don’t need much care. There is nothing you need to do to keep your bathroom looking great if it gets any kind of sunlight, whether it’s direct or indirect.

Indoor Money Plant Growing Tips

Indoor money plants are more lucrative than outdoor ones. Use a vial or similar container for growth. Ensure outdoor money plants have sufficient shade. Place them in a calm, shady spot. Vaastu suggests a thriving money plant attracts more wealth. Also, abundant leaves improve fortunes, per Vastu principles. Grow money-yielding plants around your house or flat. Protect money plants from weather damage, per Vastu Shastra. Place them around your house’s exterior. Window sills can demarcate apartments and influence energy flow. So, money plant energy is positive and motivating.


Vedic principles dictate placing money plants in the bedroom on the left or right side of the bed, away from the headboard and feet. Moreover, having money plants in the bedroom has demonstrated improved sleep quality and decreased partner conflicts.

De-clutter your Home

Clearing clutter is crucial for maintaining the free flow of positive energy through your space and preventing blockages or interruptions. Ensure the plant has ample space, and accessibility is unimpeded.

Say no to Red

Do not put the plant near any red things in the kitchen, like the tools, plates, and surfaces. Of course, everyone knows that the kitchen and its goods are what bring away money and wealth.

Living Room

Putting a money plant in the southeast area of the living room is thought to bring wealth and luck to the home. People think that Lord Ganesha and Venus are behind this relationship because they bring luck and wealth. Some stories say that both of these gods are responsible for this way. Because the money plant may have benefits for your home, you can only fully enjoy those benefits if you put it in the right place. People believe that Lord Ganesha will bless their homes if they are built according to the Vastu principles.

Incorporate Greens and Blues

Some people find green and blue colors relaxing because they make them think of peace, nature, and unity. If you want to improve the mood and quality of your relationships, you might want to decorate your home with these soothing colors and some money plants. Put pretty blue and green bottles along the edge of a window sill or porch railing. For a unique touch, put a cutting from a hanging money plant into each bottle.

Towards the Corners

Vastu says that sharp edges draw strain and bad energy to them. In the corners of the house, putting money plants can help lessen the bad affects and stress of living there. To do this, turn the plants around so the money faces outward.

Maintain a Money Plant Inside

Vastu says that you should keep the money plant inside for the best results. In general, people think that if they take good care of their money plant, it will bring them more money. Another great thing about the money plant is that it can raise the temperature in a room by controlling the humidity.


How Many Money Plants can be Kept at Home?

Experts in both science and Feng Shui say that you should put at least one plant near any electronics. You need to calm down! Putting a money plant in front of a right angle has been shown to make people feel less stressed and anxious. Besides that, you won’t have to deal with fights or problems sleeping.

Does Money Plant Bring Wealth?

Many believe that money plants can help their owners generate more money in their personal and business lives. Numerous cultures have viewed this plant as a symbol of success and wealth. Reports say that it helps people do well in their home and professional lives.

Can Money Plant be Kept in Washroom?

The lavatory. Traditional Indian astrology says that you can keep a money plant in the bathroom because they don’t need much care and do well in damp places. There is nothing you need to do to keep your bathroom looking great if it gets any kind of sunlight, whether it’s direct or indirect.


More and more research shows that being near plants can lower stress and help people focus. Because they are so hard to get rid of, money plants are very common houseplants in this way. These heart-shaped plants that trail along walls, windows, shelves, and other surfaces can do well if the right conditions are met. Recent studies have shown that money plants can survive in bad circumstances. We sincerely hope that you learned something new and found this tutorial on money plant vastu to be useful.

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