What are Money Laundering Stages-Frequently Asked Questions-Stages of Money Laundering

Stages of Money Laundering

“Smurfing” involves splitting a large sum into numerous smaller transactions to avoid reporting requirements. Also, collaborative efforts to conceal money are often referred to as “smurfs.” Smurfs place stolen money into one or multiple accounts over time. Offshore accounts are a favored method for concealing laundered funds, offering privacy and tax benefits. Moreover, opening a […]

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What is Microfinance Role-Frequently Asked Questions-Role of Microfinance

Role of Microfinance

Like traditional banks, microfinance institutions have to pay interest to the people who loan them money. Even though the interest rates offered by microfinance organizations are often lower than those offered by traditional banks, some people who are against the idea say that these companies are taking advantage of people who are poor. Check out

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